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I’m shaking things up and doing a “Fashion Friday” post instead of Flashback Friday…I know, I probably need to address my overuse of/propensity for alliteration. But we’ll do that another day. Today is for some fashion.

One of my favorite parts of the Grand Prix series was checking out everyone’s costumes. While the skating itself is obviously the most important aspect of a performance, the sparkles and sequins of the costumes are part of what sets our sport apart. You’re not going to find any sparkles on a football field, that’s for sure. Attire is part of the artistry of a skating performance; it can aid in telling the story, or in some cases, distract from the skating entirely.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the season so far, and some that I thought weren’t so great:

The standout of the season for me is Gracie Gold’s purple long program dress. I’ve written it before, but I just think it is fabulous. The color looks great on her and the romantic style fits the pieces of music she is using from Phantom of the Opera. The beautiful design lets her skating do the talking, and I like the little feather she wears in her hair. It is reminiscent of the masks and the “Masquerade” song in the opera.

Image Source:

The deep “v” in both the front and back of Madison Chock’s short dance dress is really distracting. Thankfully flesh-colored fabric means that we don’t have to worry as much about wardrobe malfunctions, but it would be a beautiful dress with less of a plunging neckline.

Image Source:

Kaitlyn Weaver’s use of her long red skirt during her short dances with partner Andrew Poje was very true to the Paso Doble form of dance, with the flicking motion reminiscent of a bullfighter. At first I thought the skirt was a little long, but luckily there is enough of a slit that she moves really easily and the skirt itself moves a lot while she skates. I also like how well their costumes complement each other.

Image Source:

Maxim Kovtun’s long program top reminds me a lot of another Russian: Olympic Champion Alexei Yagudin. Notice the similarities between Kovtun’s and Yagudin’s “Winter” short program outfit from 2002? Not many people had good things to say about Yagudin’s look, and I’m not sure about Kovtun’s, either. It reminds me too much of a stained glass window.

Image Source: &

Image Source: and

I love Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov, but I do not love their short program costumes. While it does evoke the music (which is from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), his shirt is almost a bit too gimicky. And the shoulder adornments on her outfit remind me of wings, or even a religious habit. In my opinion it detracts from the performance more than supports it.

Image Source:

Who wore your favorite costumes so far this season? Am I just not appreciating some of these enough? Tell me what you think!


Author: Maura @ Twizzle Talk

I'm Maura, a figure skating superfan who loves to talk twizzles and everything else skating-related. I'm also an adult skater and learn-to-skate coach.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Figure skaters have some of the prettiest costumes! If I would get away with wearing them in everyday life I so would. lol


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