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Worlds 2015: Short Program Impressions

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The long-awaited 2015 World Championships are not only underway, but whizzing by. I don’t know if the 12-hour time difference from Shanghai has me feeling a step behind or what, but suffice to say the event is going by far too quickly. So I thought I’d jot down some quick impressions from the ladies’ short program and the short dance before the final events get in to gear:

  • Elizaveta Tuktamysheva’s trip axel in the short program was superb. Better than some that we’ll see in the men’s event, even. But that said, there was just something off about the performance. Jeffrey Buttle–the 2008 World Champion, 2006 Olympic Bronze Medalist, renowned artistic skater, and now respected choreographer–managed to verbalize what I couldn’t put my finger on:

  • Gracie Gold is having a rough year, no question. Her jumps seem to abandon her when she takes competition ice, or the nerves take over, or something. But the great strides that she has made in her expression and skating skills can’t be overlooked. She has improved so much in those areas, really getting down on her knees and using her edges more than she did just a few years ago. And she is really feeling each note of her music, as opposed to just skating with it in the background.
  • I really think the Shibutanis have the best twizzles in the ice dance field. They are just mesmerizing to watch. Its been a bit of a hard year for them, and its making me sad to see them continually disappointed or putting on brave smiles in the Kiss and Cry. Here’s hoping they bring it in the free dance and get some good scores!
  • Last year’s dance champs Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte are in third place after the short dance as they aim to defend their title. I loved watching them at the Olympics last year, but think that Anna’s posture needs some improvement. She skates a bit rounded in the shoulders, which was especially apparent when they skated after Americans Chock and Bates, who both have impeccable posture (and skated their way to first place).

As I wrap up this post, it looks like the free dance results are coming in. I’m going to go to bed in an attempt to avoid spoilers until I can watch my TiVo’d recording of the Universal Sports broadcast. Happy watching!


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I'm Maura, a figure skating superfan who loves to talk twizzles and everything else skating-related. I'm also an adult skater and learn-to-skate coach.

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