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Fashion Friday: Mid-Season Costume Changes


The World Team Trophy wrapped up the 2014-15 season last weekend, so now I’m taking a look back at some of the fashion decisions of the year. A number of skaters made costume changes mid-season and I’m weighing in on whether it was the right decision.

Costume changes can occur for a variety of reasons. Maybe the first one didn’t go over well with the fans or the judges. Some skaters get rid of costumes they wore during a terrible performance, trying to shed the bad memories and maybe even the bad luck. This season, we had mostly Americans switching up their looks:

Gracie Gold – Third Time’s The Charm?


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3. When I blogged about my favorite costumes earlier in the skating season, Gracie Gold’s purple free skate dress was at the top of the list. It reminds me of the dress that her BFF Taylor Swift wore when she performed at a fundraiser with Prince William at Kensington Place in London. Perhaps there was a little bestie fashion inspiration there? Whatever it was, it wasn’t enough for Gold to keep the dress. She showed up at Four Continents with a slightly altered version—a higher neckline and a flower embellishment on the front. I wasn’t a big fan of this version. Actually, I was pretty shocked and dismayed to see it. It made the dress look too youthful and added unnecessary bulk to the airy lace. When Gold took the ice at Worlds, she showed off a different look entirely. Very glamorous, very sophisticated. The high-fashion look suited her well, but my one complaint was that the dress didn’t look very well-made. The shoulder clasps were too clunky and needed to be more seamless. There were only a few weeks between Four Continents and Worlds, so maybe there was a rush to get it finished.

Maia Shibutani – Dark Blue vs. Light Blue

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Fellow American Maia Shibutani debuted a new light blue free dance dress at U.S. Nationals that she wore for the remainder of the season. If I hadn’t seen her first dress, I think I would have liked this one. The dark blue dress Maia wore for the beginning of the season was perfection—it completely fit the character of their waltz music, looked great on her, and the color popped on the ice. While the light blue is a pretty color, the sheer panels on the bodice didn’t seem to go with the heavy, full skirt. I think the original dress was the better choice.

Madison Chock & Evan Bates – Back in Black

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Ice dancers Madison Chock and Evan Bates took a modern approach to the costumes for their An American in Paris free dance. They told that they wanted to tell the story as if it took place in 2014, and the asymmetrical touches on their costumes definitely conveyed that. I thought it was an interesting approach and had a pretty neutral attitude towards it until their costume change at Four Continents:

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These costumes look like practice outfits that someone threw sequins on with a bedazzler. The original ones were much more sleek, and I was glad to see them return to that look at Worlds.

Jason Brown – First is the Worst, Second is the Best

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I kid, I kid. Brown’s first costume of the season was not the worst thing we’ve seen out on the ice. The faux leather boots were definitely quite theatrical and not my personal cup of tea, but they fit Brown’s personality and the character he was playing in the program (Tristan, the warrior from the opera Tristan and Isolde). He changed things up after the U.S. Nationals, going with a more subtle navy blue/black color scheme with the same style and I think it was a great decision. It looked much more polished and mature. His interpretation of the music is so intense that he doesn’t need anything overtly theatrical to help tell the story; he does it with his movements.

It seems like most of the international skaters stuck with the same costumes throughout the season. Canadian ice dancer Kaitlyn Weaver used different versions of the same dress concept for her Four Seasons free dance with Andrew Poje, so I’m not sure that counts as an entire costume change. I don’t think the American team as a whole is more prone to costume changes, because we’ve seen plenty from international skaters as well over the years. Japanese champion Mao Asada often switched up her dresses and Canadian ice dance Olympic Champion Tessa Virtue seemed to show up with a different free dance dress to every competition last year.

I think it just depends on the athlete, and their program that year. For me, all I can think of when I see all these costume changes throughout a season is how much each of these outfits must cost! I used to spend a couple hundred on my dresses back in my more recreational skating days, and this article says that the elite skaters can spend up to $5,000 per costume. The lengths we go to for fashion!


Author: Maura @ Twizzle Talk

I'm Maura, a figure skating superfan who loves to talk twizzles and everything else skating-related. I'm also an adult skater and learn-to-skate coach.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Mid-Season Costume Changes

  1. I completely agree about Gracie’s LP dress. The Worlds version was pretty and all, but the original was so modern, so red carpet, it was perfect for her!! Wonder why the change…? Maybe she was just bored!


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