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My Coach’s 72 Years on the Ice

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This fabulous lady is my skating coach:


And there was a big article on her in The Boston Globe last week, celebrating her 72 years on the ice. That’s right, 72 years. Marcia has always been a skating guru in my eyes, but really, it is true for the skating community in the entire Greater Boston area, as well. She has left her mark on this community. The article can give you more than a few reasons why, and here are a few of my personal favorites:

  • Marcia will notice the smallest, most minute detail, instantly, and be able to tell you what is going wrong with a move. Like this past Saturday, when I was doing some wonky twizzles. “Why don’t you turn your head in the direction you’re skating?” she suggested. Boom. Twizzles were working again.
 It might seem like a move is a complete disaster, but really, it just needs that “Marcia eye” and in a split second she can tell you exactly what to fix.
  • She is a source of endless positivity. There are skating coaches who scream and yell to get their point across. Marcia can do it with a single look. All her students know the face that says, “go try that again.” When a new spin position wasn’t working well, it was “not the most flattering option” and she had me make an adjustment. Marcia brings out each skater’s strengths.
  • She also has high expectations. “She makes you do things that you don’t think you can do, but she knows you can do it,” says Kara Protulis, a fellow Marcia student and skating friend, in the article. Just a few weeks ago, Marcia was brainstorming a new entrance to my double salchow, out of a back spiral. Marcia’s not telling my 27-year-old self that its time to find a new hobby—she’s still pushing me to try new and difficult things.

I have been so fortunate to learn from her for just a fraction of the years she has been coaching. She makes each of her students not only a better skater, but a better human. Thank you, Marcia.

Now go read the piece in the Globe to learn even more about this incredible woman and skater!

Author: Maura @ Twizzle Talk

I'm Maura, a figure skating superfan who loves to talk twizzles and everything else skating-related. I'm also a longtime skater and learn-to-skate coach.

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