Twizzle Talk

About Me + the Blog

Hello! A Little About Me

Two of the things I am most passionate about in life are writing and figure skating. Actually, where figure skating is concerned, some people who know me might replace “passionate” with “obsessed.” So the logical next move was to combine the two and start this little blog.

While some people wait for the Olympics to roll around every quadrennium to keep up with figure skating, I treat every year like an Olympic year. Watching the competitions, following the athletes on social media, seeing who is skating to what music and which costume they are wearing, you name it. I love it all. And I’m hoping to share that with other skating superfans through this blog.

I’m also a skater myself. My mom signed me up for skating lessons when we moved to Massachusetts when I was 6 years old, thinking that “every kid up here must do a cold weather sport.” I’d also spent enough time sliding around our hardwood floors in my socks pretending to do “triple accidents” that she figured it was time to let me try the real thing. I skated singles through high school and became a synchronized skater when I went off to college (with the spectacular Fighting Irish Synchro Team at the University of Notre Dame!). These days, I teach Basic Skills classes and still keep up with my own skills with practice a few days a week.

What’s In a Name? About the Blog

So why is this blog called Twizzle Talk? One, I am a lover of alliteration (no matter how corny). And two, a twizzle is a move that pops up in all skating disciplines. It’s a key component of any ice dancing routine, but is also found in footwork sequences in singles and pairs, and is always part of a synchronized skating program. And that’s what I hope to do in my posts—span the disciplines of skating and talk with fellow fans about the sport we love.

So please read, comment, and spread the word to all your skating friends!

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